Saturday, August 9, 2008

Eyewitness to Holiness (My article in TG! magazine)

Eyewitness to Holiness

When I found out that I was going to get to go to the Papal Youth Rally in Yonkers, NY, all I could do was thank God for the amazing experience. When we got to the seminary, there was no shade and it was boiling hot. it was hard to even breathe because of all the people. At the rally, they had some pretty amazing performers: Kelly Clarkson, tobyMac, Three Days Grace and many more. When we saw Pope Benedict walking into the chapel on the screen, the excitement was so amazing. As he rode into the field, people were screaming, and calling. Some were even crying. I remember just feeling this presence and having all the difficulties of the day lifted off me. On the stage, he made a beautiful speech and different people offered gifts to the Holy Father. We also got to sing Happy Birthday to the Holy Father in Polish! At the end, Kelly Clarkson came on and sang a moving version of "Ave Maria." Though I got miserably sunburned, and getting food that day was nearly impossible, I would definitely do it again if God gave me the blessing.

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