Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Book Review: John Paul 2 High: Catholic, Reluctantly

Name: John Paul 2 High: Catholic, Reluctantly
Author: Christian M. Frank
Brief summary: Allie Weaver is a fifteen year old who was just shot at in her public school. After that scare, her mom decides that it would be best if she went to a new Catholic highschool, John Paul 2 High. Before Allie goes there, there are only five students. And it's run by three of the students' parents.
Grade/Age level: 13 and up
Cautions: They mention the priest scandals briefly, mention sex briefly, divorce, an unwed mother. but all mentioned VERY briefly. Oh, and also, there was a school shooting. Nobody got shot, but someone was shot at.
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Personal Opinion: I really loved this book! It's VERY Catholic, but only if you know it is and if you look for the Catholic stuff. After I finished reading it. I put it down, pondered it, and than picked it up to read it again!! I had my mom read it, and she loved it too! We're both impatiently waiting for the sequel. ;) The way that Frank portrays the characters... They might as well be yourself! or your cousin, or your enemy, or your best friend, or your sibling!! Frank made the characters so everyone could think, "Hey, that reminds of so and so!" For example, Celia reminded me of one of my best friends Emalee. Emalee is "emo" but only in the way she dresses and the music she listens to. But she goes out of her way to be friendly and is always SOOOOOOOOOO nice to everyone! Liz on the other hand, reminded me of my sister Sarah. :p One thing..... I wish there was a John Paul 2 High in MY area!! Amazing Job Regina Doman and the rest of the team!!!!
Rating: 9/10

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Anonymous said...

this book looks really good! Great review.

fyi emo without being emotional & whatnot = "scene".