Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fantasy Football

Sooo, my best friend Katie talked me into doing Fantasy Football this football season. Me. The girl who watches the superbowl because her parents buy good food. Or maybe because the quarterback's cute. But, I'm not really into the game. OK, not into it at all. But, I figured, that maybe if I do this, I'll actually watch the superbowl because I understand what's going on!

Anywho, today was the draft. And to put it mildly, I had NO idea what was going on. Plus, I couldn't hear the names, so whenever we asked for someone, the answer was pretty much always, "Taken." :( Ohhh well.

I'm sure that the nine (+) texans were wondering WHY I was bothering with this, and I'm sure I embarassed them. ;)

oh, and make sure you check out their blog. it's SWEET! link is above.

I'm off to play Rockband on our new WII!!!

Lots of Love,

Katie <3

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