Sunday, September 7, 2008


So. I'm thinking of changing the name of my blog. But I'm not sure. I'll ask you, my precious readers, what do you think?

Vote in the poll that's on the sidebar.

Peace! Around the World! For Generations! (Thank you Fred)

Lots of Love,

Katie <3


Mike G. said...

There's nothing wrong w/ the current name... Unless you want to change it to "The Monster K Mash" ? :)

The Other Katie said...

The name is fine.
As for the Fred quote:

*drops head on desk*

And it's happening to me too. The boys call Miley Cyrus, "Miley Virus". THEY'RE talking. They're the ones who are convincing normal, sensible people such as you and me to like Fred! FRED!
I am in the depths of despair, Marill- I mean Katie.

Geuss who? said...

dude! change it to sarahroxmysoxyo

whatcha think? i loooooove it! and im sure evryone else will too!