Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is way too cool

The Shadow of the Bear is going to be made into a movie! WOO HOO! I am SOO excited! It's not going to be like, a major motion picture or anything, but… it's still awesome! I can't wait!


Lots of Love,


Katie <3


Authoress of Shakespeare and Showtunes


Delaney said...

I'm SO excited about it! :D Did you see the pictures on the "production blog?" :D They all look pretty much perfect to me.

The Real Katie said...

Thanks for commenting! BTW, I LOVE Your blog! :)

YES!! THEY LOOK PERFECT! I'm soo excited. But I mean, of course, everyone saw themselves playing the character, so I saw myself playing Rose. But, the other girl looks good too. :)And Blanche... ahh, there are no words to explain it except... she IS Blanche!

Delaney said...

Thanks so much! :D I love yours. ;)

Yeah, everyone loves Rose. :D My sister and I once attempted to do a Waking Rose photoshoot for fan-art purposes, with my lying on our barn floor as Rose, but my sister gave up in despair because "You just DON'T look like Rose, Delaney! You just DON'T!" Oh well. :P

I know, I'm really excited about Blanche. :)