Monday, October 27, 2008

Desert Island

Delaney over at "Voices" tagged me for this meme. :) Thank you, Darlin' Delaney!!!

1. List the 10 books/collected works/series that you would bring on a desert island.
2. (Optional) Say why you would bring them.
3. Link to the person who linked to you.
4. Tag 6 people to also do the meme.
5. Leave a comment to let those people know.

1. The Bible! It's helped me through so many hard times.

2. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Come one, I HAVE to have my Shakespeare. What on earth would I do without it.

3. Harry Potter. I know this sounds REALLY odd, but these books have helped me through sooo many hard times too. If I was mad, or sad, I could just forget about all my worries when I opened up those books. I have all of them, and they all have good memories, such as making new friends and making it through life, and bad memories, such as loosing friends, sadness and sleepless nights when I stared at the ceiling wondering what I did to deserve the pain I was in. I know it's weird... But I'm pretty sure Harry Potter saved my life.

4. The Little House on the Prairie! These books are my childhood! When I read them, I have images of me sitting on my Mommy's bed with my sister listening to Mom reading them outloud.

5. The Fairy Tale Novels by Regina Doman. I can relate to this books and I love them soo soo much! :)

6. The Story of A Soul by St. Therese! It's a pretty awesome book!

7. The Anne of Green Gables books. COME ON! I need to keep myself laughing, don't I?!

8. Little Women! A new favorite of mine. It. ROCKS!

9. All the Jane Austen books!! YAY!

10. All the books for school. My mother would kill me otherwise. :)

I tag... Karen, Judi, The Other Katie and Grace. And I'm sorry, but those are the bloggers I know. :)


The Other Katie said...

I don't know if I can dig up 6 bloggers! I'll try...

Delaney said...

Oh, whoops, I forgot to leave a comment on your blog telling you I had tagged you. Usually I would do that, and I kept telling myself, "I'll do it tomorrow." Sorry! :P