Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finally getting a Halloween Costume and the play that I will be performing in :)

I got my halloween costume yesterday! I'm gonna be a (drumroll, please) GO-GO GIRL!! YAY!! The costume is very cute. It's a knee length turtleneck dress. I'm going to wear white leggings with it, and try to find a pink go-go girl wig and cheap go-go boots. I'm gonna try to put some piccies up. Yay!

And.... Last Night, Kelly told us the play we're doing, and the casting. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS!! Drumroll, Please. BUMMMBADAMBUMMBADUMMM!!

We are doing..................

MACBETH!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! It's one of my favorite plays so I am sooo excited!! I'm playing the Third Witch!! YES!! I REALLY wanted to be a witch, So I'm really psyched! Jess (Juliet) and I wanted to be witches, but alas... Jess did not get the part of a witch. But, she DID get the part of the first murderer... Haha... She is soo funny. She was like, "YES!!! I get to be a bloodthirsty murderer..." Who knew someone could go from being sweet, innocent, meek Juliet to a murderer? Heh. Not me, for one!

Anyway, MacBeth will be played by Ben (Tybalt) and Tyler (Bottom and Mercutio). They're going to be soo AWESOME!! Kelly had to make some roles a split cast becasue our group is becoming soo big. My fellow witches will be played by Megan (Lady Capulet and Titania) and my sister Sarah (Montague and Lysander). Lady MacBeth will be played by Erica and Tess, both newbies, but both AMAZING actresses.

I better get going, but don't forget to read your Shakespeare!


The Other Katie said...

*screams* YAY YOU'RE DOING MACBETH! OMM! *deep breath* Ahhhh! That's so awesome! I love Macbeth! It's amazing! You guys are all going to be fantastic! YAYETH! (haha applied correctly!)

OK, I'll cut it with the exclamation points.



The Other Katie said...

oh yeah and nice costume!

catfreak70 said...

Hey. I was just browsing around blogs and I foun yours. I have recently been a nun in the musical "The Sound of Music" by our community actor's comittee. I am not being anything for Haloween, but if I was, I'd be a black cat (I've been a black cat for about three years, but hey.) a go-go girl is an awesome idea. : D


catfreak70 said...

Hi. I was just browsing blogs and found yours. It's cool. I've only been in a few plays in my lifetime, but I like acting. I'm not being anything for Halloween this year, but if I was, I'd be a black cat. :D


Emily of the North said...

Yay for Macbeth!!!!!! The witches are so creepy and amazing and oh my gosh you guys are going to do such a great job with them. Oooh man Kelly is the casting queen!!! xD Though of course there are a ton of people I don't know in it... (lol) But I'm still liking what I see. :-P

And with a great deal of hope I may be involved this year!!!
Keep your fingers crossed. lol

- Emily of New York

The Real Katie said...

Yoeth to my MacBeth obsessed (because of me) bestest friend!!

And hi to you, Cat Freak. I was trying to check out your blog, but my computer was being annoying and blcoked it. I'll have to talk to my parental units about this...

Anyway, Black Cats ROCK! My mom says that they're lucky, not unlucky. :)

I LOVE the Sound of Music! It's one of my favorite movies!

Thanks for visiting!

Judi said...

heyyy...i read macbeth..i didn't like it as much as Julius Ceaser, i don't think...or Romeo and Juliet..but it was third favorite, so far..:D