Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last bit of political stuff

And then I'm done (For now...)

A very good friend of mine named Jessi started this group on facebook. It's a post-election prayer group. We're going to start a novena on Saturday. If you want (no pressure), you can join this group

And second... I stole this from Sardines in a can, a new favorite blog of mine.

--Either way, win or lose, I'm afraid life will once again (dun dun dun) return to (gulp) normal. Ahhhhh, normal. Where we all once again have things in common and live in the same America - where none of us are "fake" or "anti-American" or "elite" and we're all back to raising kids, paying our bills, going to work and whining about the government.....--

For some reason, once I read this, I knew I HAD to post this on my blog. It's awesome, isn't it?!

Anyway, I'm thinking about starting a new blog for just my book stuff... what do you think? I think I'll make a poll for it.



Delaney said...

*sigh* I'm not on FaceBook, but I'm definitely praying.

A new blog for your book stuff (as in reviews, thoughts, etc.?) would be neat. :D I tried to keep a blog for book reviews, but it just didn't work... I do like writing book reviews, but I couldn't keep up with my blog all by myself. Lol!

The Other Katie said...

Katie.... hello.... the Katie and Katie blog! Post your reviews there! We need to get that thing moving anyway. And post about the prayer group too. Maybe I'll post a recipe or some babysitting tips or something... and when I'm done with the review I'm doing for the Daylily (the newsy) I'll post that there too. But anyways, your books reviews are perfect for our blog! GO PUT 'EM THERE!