Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stupid Joe Jonas....

Did you watch Taylor Swift's performance on the CMA's??? She looked SOOOO sad!

Stupid Joe Jonas had to go and break her heart....


Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift is worth 10 Joe Jonases.


And yes, I'll take that interview, so long as it's over email. ^^

The Real Katie said...

Okee Doke, that's what I was planning on. :)

I'll email it to you. ;)

Courtney said...

hi :) no, i dont mind being interviewed at all! let me know when and how!


oh! btw, im always so dreadfully curious as to how ppl find my blog, so, how'd you find my blog? :)

Lady Hannah said...

Hey Katie!
I'm Hannah from the blog Totus Tuus. Sure! I'd love to be interviewed. First though, what would I be being interviwed for?
Like courtney, how did you find my blog? :)
Gid Bless!