Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am Emma Woodhouse!

I am Emma Woodhouse!

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You are Emma Woodhouse of Emma! You like being the queen of your social circle (small and provincial as it may be), and feel it's your duty to help those less influential than you. You often meddle in the affairs of others, though you do it with a pure heart. You are often deluded in your flights of fancy, but your good intentions and creative spirit make you someone anyone could like.

~ Well, I have to admit, many people look at me as a leader, and I can't say I don't enjoy it. :)

I really hope that I don't meddle in other people's affairs. I'd feel really bad if I did. :(

Take the quiz! 'Tis lots of fun!!

Lots of Love,

Katie <3


Have you entered my contest? The prize is very very cool. :)


Serendipity said...

Coolio! I am Elizabeth Bennet Darcy! Pretty nifty!

The Other Katie said...

*dies of laughter* I can see a little Emma in you, now that I think about it... haha

I'm Catherine Morland, AGAIN. There's no point in taking these quizzes anymore, I will never be another heroine. Why can't I be Elinor or Lizzy? Or Fanny? *sigh*