Friday, December 26, 2008

January Contest!

*NOTE* If you won the December Contest, you will be unable to enter the January contest. You may enter again in Febuary.

Tell me about the best book you read in 2008! And why!

I will pick the winner by random again. :)


You may only enter once.

If you won the last contest, you cannot win this month's.

All entries must be in by January 25th.



The Doofus Maximus said...

That bites.. I read a lot of great books in 08.

The Real Katie said...

OK, OK. I'll change the rules so that you can enter, but not win. Sorry. :/

Rose said...

The best book I read in 2008 was Midnight Dancers, by Regina Doman. This was such an awesome book, filled with all the things I love to read about, adventure, danger, suspense and romance! And best of all, it's clean and Catholic!

atthecross (Rachel) said...

okaaaay... is the posting going here? cuz if it is... well, i dont know why that matters on whether or not i say this, but I think the best book i've read this year is either what's so amazing about grace? or do hard things. if i'm posting in the right place, then i can elaborate. :) oh boy... i always leave really long comments that don't actually say that much... sorry!

atthecross (Rachel) said...

okay, well, imma post here anyway. soooo... i'm having a hard time choosing between What's So Amazing About Grace? and Do Hard Things. WSAAG is a book that delves into the sheer incredibleness of God's grace to us as sinners, and how even though we completely don't deserve it, he forgives us anyway. it also encourages us to forgive out fellow man, because if Christ could willingly DIE to forgive us, then what's to reasonably stop us from forgiving others, when there's no death involved? another awesome thing about WSAAG is that it's filled with educational+practical+funny anecdotes. Do Hard Things is sort of like a motivational book written from a Christian perspective. the authors, 19-yr-old twins, argue that the teen years are NOT a time for slacking off, but rather the time in your life when you are free to serve God in amazing ways, even though it can be difficult.