Friday, December 19, 2008

They wouldn't dare...

Would they?!?!

Ben Barnes Rumored to Be Seeking Role in "Twilight" Sequel
MTV writes: With the buzz building for these roles, MTV News has confirmed that 27-year-old "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" heartthrob Ben Barnes is throwing his hat into the ring. The actor is already quite popular with the "Twilight" fanbase and shares the same manager as both Copon and "Twilight" star Cam Gigandet. Barnes is believed to be campaigning for the role of Aro, a mind-reading vampire whose "New Moon" encounter with Edward and Bella helps shape their destiny together.

AHHHH!! NOOOOO!! THEY'RE GETTING RID OF TAYLOR LAUTNER?!?! WHY?!?! He was sooo good as Jacob! Perfectly casted. Aw, now I'm really sad.

And Ben Barnes going as Aro?!?! Aro = Old creepy guy. Ben Barnes = Young cute guy.


Wait... Ben Barnes would have been a REALLY good Edward. Hmm... NOT a good Aro though.
*mumble grumble*
OK, I'm making this a poll. Don't ask, just vote! Do you think that Robert Pattinson or Ben Barnes would make a better Edward?


The Doofus Maximus said...

I know! I can't believe they are replacing Taylor, he was the perfect Jacob
And Ben is just like how I pictured the one wolf, but not Aro -_-
Rob is defiantly a better Edward.

The Other Katie said...

Half a moment-- he's 27?!?! I thought he was 21! So, the guy playing the TEENAGE Prince Caspian is ALMOST THIRTY?!?!?

And you know me, I couldn't care less about the Twilight stuff. haha sorry. *halo*

Serendipity said...

AGH! I know! Isn't that one of the most awfulest things??? Grrrr.... I think pattison makes a fine Edward, but Ben Barnes would make a good one to... but his complection isn't right, so... no. Pattison.

The Other Katie said...

YO FREDDIO! I can't find the video of Sarah!! "Edward spider-monkey" isn't working! gar!

The Real Katie said...


It's Edwardspidermonkey.