Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Wow. I always promised myself I would never, EVER EVER not blog once a week. And have my poor reader(s) waiting in the cold, waiting for me to update.

I apologize. Big Time.

Well. Life is Life. I'm pretty much done with Christmas Shopping! YAY! Now I just have to wrap everything and/or send some things to a crazy friend who moved a little north of Mexico.

I'm calming down (somewhat) on the Twilight factor. Note the somewhat. That is a very big somewhat.

Just want to throw this in, I am amazed at how entertained my kitty cat Roxie is with a ball of baby blue yarn. My cousin DJ's wife Sue is expecting a little baby boy in April. On Thanksgiving, I told DJ and Sue that I would make the baby a blanket. Did Roxie ever think that maybe, just maybe I was going to make a BEAUTIFUL baby blanket for my new baby cousin? No. Or if she did, she's just unbelievably selfish. Unfortunately, knowing my cat, it's the second one.

I'm knitting this really pretty poncho! YAY!

I finished the first quarter of school (YES!) and am now hard at work on the second quarter. I have to read A Christmas Carol (Over and done with) And Where the Red Fern Grows (I'm working on it!) this quarter. Once I've finished both, I'll review them on Reviews by Me.

Go to Carol's blog. It's wittier and funnier and she updates more often.

Or Karen's. I actually know her IRL so HA!

I went to Friendly's today, and my ice cream slipped off the table and onto my lap. Exploding onto my shirt, my hair, my face, the ground, the wall, everywhere. So, I have to go take a shower and try to get that hot fudge out of my hair. This should be interesting...



Mike G. said...

D'oh, I missed the exploding ice cream incident!

I blame your sister - she should have taken pictures and posted them on Facebook :)

The Other Katie said...

*shiver* THANK YOU! I've been freezing out here! *holds hands up to computer* aaahh...

I still have to get presents for you and Sarah... you need to tell me what to get for her. But I know what I'm getting for you. And my mom's present came yesterday! And I already had one for a friend. So I have two presents in my closet and one on a shelf somewhere and one that so far does not exist because I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO GET FOR YOUR SISTER!

The Doofus Maximus said...

OMG! I have a cat named Roxy... Is yours black?

And where the red fern grows was so sad. If you watch the movie after, prepair for waterworks, and the one scene in the movie where someone uses an ax. (Vague enough to not ruin it for you, not knowing if the ax was used as a door stop or as a way to slice bread. teehee) but it was all in all good.

The Real Katie said...

Dude, she should NOT have taken pictures of it! BAD BAD BAD!!

Presents?? I like presents! Sarah likes the color orange and funky earrings and anything patriots. My cousin Gina actually bought her a pair of Pats earrings for Christmas. :D

Doofus: (I'm sorry I'm not calling you a doofus, I really just didn't wanna type up your whole name.) My Roxie is white with black spots. She rather looks like a cow. :P Except, she has a raccoon tail. :D

The Other Katie said...

I might be murdered in my own home if I bought her any Patriots stuff.... orange and funky earrings, I can do. I think... maybe you guys will just have to share. :P