Sunday, February 8, 2009

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus & The Jonas Brothers

Taylor Swift officially has one of the best voices I've ever heard live.

Miley Cyrus... doesn't.

The Jonas Brothers don't either. But they're better than Miley.

Miley & Taylor just sang a duet version of Taylor's song, "Fifteen". Taylor sounded AMAZING! Miley sounded like a squeeky chipmonk.

The Jonas Brothers just sang Burning Up with Stevie Wonder.

Now they're singing Superstition (GOOD SONG!)and Nick TOTALLY forgot the lyrics to the Thirteen month old baby part. Or else he's going through a voice change. Still. Hmm...

More later!


The Doofus Maximus said...

Miley sounds like a goat xD Tis funny. xD

The Other Katie said...

I didn't watch the Grammys... didn't even know they were happening, hehe. But I'll take your word for it about Miley. I wonder if it was supposed to be cute because she's fifteen... or has she turned sixteen and I missed it? Anyways....Taylor pones Miley Virus any day.
(my brothers made up the Miley Virus thing, because so many people have been "infected" by it)

coffee said...

Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift's duet at the Grammys ended up sounding better than i would have expected

The Real Katie said...


Anyway. She turned 16. But after they sang, Taylor was like, "If your fifteen, sixteen (points to miley) or nineteen (points to self) you'll enjoy the grammys!" or something REALLY corny. :D

The Other Katie said...

OK I'm no fan of Miley but how on earth did I not hear about that? She must have had the most expensive sweet sixteen on the planet. It should have been all over the tabloids. Not that I read the tabloids. But you would think there would be an Access Hollywood commercial or something. wow. I'm obviously so "in".

The Other Katie said...

omm. I went to see it on youtube and watched about a minute and a half before I couldn't take anymore. Taylor actually didn't sound so great.... I think she didn't have as much control of her voice as usual.... just a little pitchy and "oops that's not the note I meant to hit". But that isn't the point.




I don't care if her daddy was/is a singer. She can not perform. Her eyes were closed every time she sang and her voice was absolutely terrible. I'd rather listen to my brother sing the "oh-ah-oh!" part in Video Killed the Radio Star. Seriously. She's rich enough anyways. Might as well just stick with the TV show and skip the singing. But then.... what kind of Disney girl would she be?