Friday, March 13, 2009

I feel sick.

I'm sick. And one of my best friend's, Emalee, sweet sixteen is tomorrow. Oh, joy. *Sarcasm* I promised that I'd show up, even if I was sick, but I'm REALLY not feeling good. Like, I've pretty much slept the week away. Not that I don't MIND doing that, I just feel sickly. :( And I don't want to miss her party. 1) I'm her best friend. 2) There's going to be a live band. With cute guys *giggle* 3) I WANNA WEAR MY PRETTY DRESS! *pout*

I think the advil is getting to my head. Pardon me please.

OH! And I forgot to put DANNY on my list of favorite people on Idol. How could I forget DANNY!? Danny rocks. The end.

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