Friday, March 13, 2009

Ooh-La la!

The homeschoolers in TJS get to do a special performance at a seniors' day center.
There are eight of us, and we're doing two scenes, one from "As You Like It" and the other from "Much Ado About Nothing". Sarah and I are Conrade and Borachio in Much Ado! Ben (Tybalt in R&J) is Dogberry, who he actually played when TJS did Much Ado the year before last, Kristen (The nurse in R&J and Theseus in Dream) is Verges and Rita is the Sexton. Jeff (Romeo) is Orlando in AYLI, Sara (Fairy and Lady Montague) is Rosalind, Sam is Silvius and Annie is Phebe.
More later! But we're doing it next week and we only have one rehearsal, so I have to get memorizing! Laters!

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