Tuesday, March 17, 2009

*weeps bitterly*

Why, Adam? WHY?!?!

Why did you have to ruin my favorite JohnnY Cash song?! You, my favorite contestent!? But tonight... ugh. Danny, Kris, Lil, Alison, Scott and Matt all breezed easily past you. Sorry to say, man, you won't be getting my vote tonight. I really do love you, though. :(

On that note: DANNY TOTALLY ROCKED JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! Lil rocked Independence Day! Matt rocked rocked ROCKED So Small! Scott rocked Wild Angels! I was totally blown anway by them tonight!

I wasn't impressed with Megan's performance. I'm really impressed she sang with that kind of flu, but... I won't be voting for her tonight, either. :(


Erin said...

Huh...I personally loved both Adam and Megan's performances, and voted for them both. *shrug* :)

Serendipity said...

Heck yes!! Danny was pretty much the epitome of awesomeness!!!! Still my favorite contestant=D Haha, yeah, Adam.... isn't a country artist :P