Sunday, April 19, 2009


My friend Emalee just taught me how to make hemp bracelets.




I've been making them for everyone.

Also, Emalee and I decided to start a buisness selling our cool craft stuff! Check it out and think about advertising us, buying stuff, or whatever. :)

The website is

Here's a perty blue and pink striped hemp bracelet I made :)


The Other Katie said...

AWESOME!! I went and checked out the website and posted about it on my blog and everything. It's so exciting! I always wanted to do something like that. You guys are awesome. If there's anything I can help with, lemme know.
Hey, maybe in May you could have discounts around Mother's Day.

That's it! I should be your business advisor. Sweet.

The Other Katie said...

Hey I made a sweet banner thing and put it on my sidebar. It's not very big, though. Blame photobucket for that. :-P