Monday, May 18, 2009

100 Things about Katie

Ya ready for this??

1) When I was younger, I HATED skirts or dresses. I only wore them to Church, and that was because my mom made me.
2) When I was little, I would scribble on a piece of paper and give it to my mom. When she asked what it was, I told her I had written a story. She would ask me to tell it to her, and I would. Again, and again, and again.
3) I love NCIS, dunno why, but it's a sweet show
4) I was born with black hair and blue eyes. When I was a year old, my mom realized my roots were coming in blonde. Now I have ash blonde hair and green eyes.
5) My first time on stage was when I was four. I was a little fairy in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
6) My cousin, Tina, got me obsessed with Harry Potter. She begged me to see the movie with her when it first came out, and I was hooked. I was eight.
7) I almost got hit by a car at a Volvo dealership with my friend. I walked out into the middle of the road blabbing, and my friend grabbed my hair and dragged me back.
8) I love the color pink and glitter.
9) My first kiss was when I was six years old. I don't really count it, though.
10) I share a birthday with my cousin, Bobby.
11) Speaking of Bobby, my family is going to California in November for his wedding.
12) I love flipflops. I've already bought four pairs this year and I'm planning on buying more. Old Navy rocks. :)
13) I also love Converse.
14) When I was eight, I really wanted a Harry Potter scarf. My mom learned to knit to make me one.
15) I lost that scarf when I went into NYC to see Mary Poppins. I cried.
16) My Gramma gave me Captain's scarf :)
17) I remember getting into Captain's car one time, and the hip teenage radio station was on. He began to hum along with the rap song that was on. I was in shock.
18) I have been mistaken for my thirteen year old sister's mom. o.O
19) My sister and I speak in sync.
21) I love to dance, but I really stink :)
22) I love movies! I can watch them all day!
23) I remember seeing my sister at the hospital when she was born.
24) I have a guitar and piano. I took piano lessons, but never guitar lessons.
25) I have been on the swimteam for almost seven years.
26) My mom wanted to name me BRITNEY!
27) My mom wanted to name me Sarah, but my mom didn't like it.
28) Two years later she had a daughter named Sarah. Go figure.
29) My parents named me Katlyn because it was the only name they agreed on.
30) They spelt it that way cuz they knew they wanted to call me Katie.
31) My dad's side of the family mostly calls me Kate, though.
32) I have been asked out twice, both times by total creeper. I don't get it!
33) I think I'd like to be a teacher some day.
34) I'd really like to make a big impact on someone's life.
35) Last night while cleaning my room, I found my pink peace sign dangly earrings. I. Was. PSYCHED!
36) I have played soccer, softball, swam competitively, and done Karate camp for a week.
37) I'm discerning a religious vocation.
38) Psych and Monk are my two favorite shows ever.
39) The day I was born was the day of the Swim Across the Sound that year.
40) I love reading!
41) I'm reading the Merchant of Venice for school. I LOVE IT!
42) I lost eight pounds in the last two weeks. I'm soo excited!
43) My newest obsession is multi-grain cheerios.
44) I want to have twins. One boy, one girl. Their names will be John Paul and Teresa.
45) I think about my future husband alot.
46) I reread my journals the other day, and cried. I had been through so much. In one year, my best friend moved, my grandpa died, and so many horrible things happened in my life.
47) I want to go to Christendom College!
48) I've had wayy too many email addresses.
49) My favorite painting is Madonna in The Streets. I have a poster on my wall.
50) I really like ketchup and mustard.
51) I'd love to be a vegetarian, but I really love meat.
52) I love graphic designing!
53) I am a devout Catholic. God rocks.
54) I love Taylor Swift. She's so talented!
55) I'm thinking about auditioning for American Idol this summer.
56) People think my mom and I are sisters.
57) I named the forsythia bush in our backyard James.
58) Ticks disgust me. I don't like the thought of having one one me.
59) I saw this HUGE bug one time while riding my bike in the driveway.
60) Last summer, someone drove through our fence, knocked down our tree and into the house. Just a dent in the house, though. Everyone was okay.
61) I like Merry Go Rounds.
62) I do the laundry.
63) My cats are the weirdest cats ever.
64) I live near the beach. It's awesome to be able to walk there in the summer!
65) I LOVE Disney Movies! My favorites are The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.
66) Belle and Ariel are my favorite princesses. They remind me alot of myself
67) I LOVEE Tinkerbell
68) I was born at the same hospital as my dad, his sibs, my sister Sarah, my friends, Ashley, Stephanie, Mariana, and Edward, The Other Katie's little brother Ben, some of my cousins, and a bunch of other people.
69) My grandpa actually died at that hospital.
70) Last time I went to said hospital, I had a very indepth thinking fest about how hospitals are the beginning and ending of life. Don't ask.
71) I make up my own songs in the shower. Sometimes they're actually somewhat good.
72) I love Twilight.
73) My first concert was Faith Hill when I was a little baby.
74) I bite my nails.
75) For my first halloween, I was a little dalmatian puppy. I WAS SO DANG CUTE!
76) I love taking those quiz things on facebook. If they're accurate, I will be a boring wife, be married by the time I'm 25, and have a classic wedding. I'm also Love Story (What Taylor Swift song are you?), Bella Swan (What Twilight character are you) and a Lily (What flower are you?)
77) Emmett from Twilight cracks me up.
78) Everyone always complements my eyes.
79) I don't really like pinapple.
80) At night, I'm usually reading some random book.
81) I love Christmas! Everyone's always happy!
82) I Heart Cheesecake.
83) I just got a bright pink bookshelf. It was a family effort. We all built it, and Mom and I painted it. The paint is disney and called "Satin Ribbon"
84) I swam a 200 yard backstroke at a swimmeet once. It was tough.
85) Chocolate is awesome.
86) I don't like milk. Only chocolate.
87) I want to have a big family one day.
88) I talk alot, but I'm also a good listener. I'm always there for my friends.
89) I love my friends soo much. I'd do anything for them.
90) My favorite movies ever are Vertigo, Psycho, The Notebook, The Titanic, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a Walk to Remember, Juno, Bella, Fireproof, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and The Beast.
91) I wear jeans pretty much everyday. Jean skirts, shorts, capris...
92) I have two Aunt Karens, and I know one who's pretty much my aunt.
93) I remember September 11th 2001 like it was yesterday. My parents were in the basement watching the TV. I remember them screaming and crying. I was so scared.
94) Ummmmm... I have at least five journals I've kept.
95) One time, I was daydreaming while riding my bike. I rode into the curb and flew off. It HURT! I had to go to the doctors, than lay on the couch. Everything hurt, I couldn't move.
96) I've been to Sweden and Canada.
97) I've been to Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachucetts, New Hampshire, Maine, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, and I THINK that's it. I'd love to be able to go to all 50 states one day.
98) My sister wore my favorite skirt twice this weekend. I was sad.
99) I lovee lipgloss
100) I love little kids.

Ahh that was hard.

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The Other Katie said...

It could be worse. My parents almost named me Hilary. O_O
Is the "pretty much" aunt my mom?

First kiss....hahaha. His name's Ryan, right? :-P