Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm alive, I'm alive

Yeah, yeah, I haven't been blogging. I'm in trouble.



I found my March For Life piccies!!

I'm forgiven huh?

Scratch that. I lost them again *facepalm*


We're costuming in MacBeth! The witches are gonna be like the three fates, all in white, totally and scarily made up, etc.

Oh, I did some new graphic designing!

And I got a new haircut!


Rose said...

*shrieks* WAIT A MIN!!! You Never told me you were on the Fairy Tale Novels Forum!!!!!! I just found where you posted your link to this blog on there... and i just about fell off my chair!!!!

Serendipity said...

Ooohh, your haircut is super cute!!

atthecross (Rachel) said...

ooh! me likes the hair!

The Other Katie said...

ooh awesome! love the haircut! I'm getting mine cut soon and I think I might get the swooshy side bangs...idk. Anywho, glad you're alive! Tell your mom I said "Happy Mother's Day!".
Did you see the knitting avvie I made? I know you'd like it....

The Real Katie said...

Rose- I never told you?!? Oy. What is wrong with me?!

I'm on the Fairytale novel forums :D

Serendipity: Danke! Believe it or not, my accountant mommy cut it. o.O

Rachel: Thanks!

Katie: I'll tell her now. Your BROTHER called up and told me he was marrying Sarah when hell froze over. I told him since the Red Socks won the World Series, Hell Already Froze over, therefore, they're getting married.

I don't think he really likes me.

OOH! Swooshy side bangs ROCK! DO IT!

If I get to visit you this summer, I'll let you play with my poofy hair.

I WUB IT. Is it FOR me? Or Anna?

The Other Katie said...

I made it for Anna but you can use it if you want. I kinda had both of you in mind when I made it. :-P
Your mom cut it? She did a really good job! It's uber cute!