Monday, March 3, 2008

Real Women

A Real Woman...
Appreciates God's design of men an woman
Likes being a girl
Behaves like a lady
Cherishes her femininity
Knows that she is special.

A Real Woman...
Believes in God
Has high moral standards
Is prayerful and strong
Wants to do God's will.

A Real Woman...
Recognizes goodness
Delights in truth and beauty
Respects herself and other people
Stands up for what is right
Gives compliments and praise
Is concerned about others
Knows how to listen and be a friend.

A Real Woman...
Unselfish, thoughtful and kind
Honest, faithful and trustworthy
Patient, sincere and forgiving
Modest, pure and chaste
Compassionate, caring and giving
Understanding, humble and secure.

A Real Woman...
Understands chastity
Values her sexuality
Appreciates her fertility
Controls her passions and desires
Knows her body is a temple of
the Holy Spirit
Never uses other people.

A Real Woman...
Loves babies
Nurtures her family
Is the heart of her home
Finds Strength in her husband
Understands sacrificial love
Is happy and content.

A Real Woman...
Knows, loves and serves God, and
strives to accomplish his plan for her life.

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