Monday, March 3, 2008

A real man (my dream guy)

A Real Man...
Puts his faith in God - not in himself
Knows he is a child of God
Understands his purpose in life
Is Obedient to God's will.

A Real Man...
Respects himself and other people
Has strength of character as well as body
Behaves with dignity
Accepts responsibility for his actions
Thinks before he acts
Takes pride in his work.

A Real Man...
Is unselfish and generous
Is honest and trustworthy
Is honorable and dependable
Is kind and forgiving
Is thoughtful and sensitive
Is tender and romantic
Is unafraid to be himself.

A Real Man....
Practices self discipline
Controls his temper and passions
Controls his thoughts and desires
Knows right from wrong
Walks away from temptation
Has a strong value system
Stands up for his beliefs.

A Real Man...
Is willing to love sacrificially
Seeks the good of others first
Makes a commitment and keeps it
Protects his wife and family
Knows his body is a temple of
the Holy Spirit
Never uses another person.

A Real Man...
Loves God above all things
Trusts God and obeys Him
Leads his family in prayer
Is happy and at peace.

A Real Man...
Is a living witness to God's love.

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