Thursday, September 4, 2008


I just lost most of my widgets. I am NOT happy. GRR!

I've been trying to find an easy-to-use 3 column blogger template. I found one that looked good, but on my blog, it looked weird. Anyway, I went back to my old template and was about to go to another website to find another one, when i noticed that most of my widgets were gone! My blogroll, picture, favorite websites, everything! Except my stat counter. and my St. Blog's thing. I would try to get them all back, but I am tired. And I am going to bed. If anyone wants to help me by reminding me the widgets I had, I would love you forever. And ever. Yay.

Lots of Love,

Katie <3


Mike G. said...

Sorry Monster K, the only widget I remember is the JP2 one.

The Other Katie said...

The JP2 pic, the blogroll, the Irish prayer, the quote of the day. That's about all I can remember.