Saturday, October 18, 2008

Greetings from DC!

Yo! So, I got on the computer at the Hotel. So, I will begin to tell you of my family's saga through Amish country. Turns out, we DIDN'T stay at the Bed & Breakfast owned by a Mennonite couple. whoops! Apparently we decided against that one. Yeahh... I don't remember that. Oh well. At the B & B, THEY HAD KITTIES!!!! (yes i really am fifteen...) THEY WERE SOOOO CUTE!!!! :D And the couple who runs the B&B gives the kittens away. But noooo, my dad had to get all, "We just got a new cat." on me. Puffft.

Amish Country was sooooooo beautiful!! I can't wait to show all the pictures I took! I got to do everything I wanted to there EXCEPT! for three things.

1) I didn't get an Amish doll

2) I didn't get my buggy ride

3) I didn't meet a cute Amish boy, fall heads over heels in love with him, and know that he was my soulmate. And we didn't have a mutual desicsion to break it off because he liked being Amish. And our lives weren't miserable from that day on. (Yes, I know I've read to many Beverly Lewis books. And L.M. Montgomery. And Louisa May Alcott. AHH!!)

Gotta get off now. Maybe more tomorrow??

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Delaney said...

*almost falls out of her seat laughing* Hehe, you make me laugh! :D

Can't wait to see pictures! :)