Sunday, October 19, 2008

yo from the evil little sister thingy

hello! how are you wonderful people?

I am going to take over the world!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

The end. hehe

ok, not the end. I have more to tell you. so sit back, relax, and eat your popcorn. please turn off your cell phones. or at least put them on vibrate. we do not want to disturb everyone else. duh!

ok anyways...

I am now going to tell you my life story. from the beginning. hehe

once upon a time, there were a king, and a queen. they reigned in the far away kingdom of... SARAH!!!! HEHE. they had one daughter named *shudder* KATIE!!! HEHE. and she was very strange. and I dont know why, but they loved her. and they wanted another daughter just like her. Again, I have no clue why!!! One day, they found a neon orange egg in the enchanted forest. the talking bunny rabbits and singing squirrels told them to pick it up. and they did. they had it for a week, until one day... POP! the egg hatched a freaky, slimy, squishy, adorable, fuzzy, scratchy... thing. they decided to name the adorable creature after their kingdom. sarah. again, i dont know why anyone would name their freaky adorable daughhter thing after their kingdom... but i didnt write this story, im just stating the facts of my life. the thing grew up into a beautiful human. yes, a human!!! she had beautiful brown, curly hair, and gorgeous brown eyes, and she was just... awesome. cuz she is. then one day... bam! she fell into a tree on her way to the donut shop. an extremely handsome prince (aka prince levi of the amish levis) rescued her from a terrible fate. tada! and he took her off in his horse and buggy, and they lived happily ever after on his amish farmy thing. where they milk cows, and feed chickens, and dance. the end!!!!

I know, i am just downright amazing. I should write a book. dontcha think? katie should definately let me make posts more often. well, she is pulling my earrings and stroking m,y hair which means she wants me to get off. so toodleoo!!! I will miss you! sniff sniff. no pictures please. it disturbs my beauty. and we dont want that now do we? ok bye!

the evil little sister who is gonna take over the world one day. hehe. ok now i am just annouying you. so long farewell advedersay goodbye!!! gooooodbyyyyyeee!!!! gooooodbyyyyeeeee!!!! gooooodbyyyyeee!!!! ok bbye

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