Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 Reasons to love being solo!

I had a depressing status on facebook yesterday, something about a valentine's day alone, and my friend, Rachel, sent this to me. :)

Oh, and...

25 Reasons it's okay to be solo

1. You're more open to trying new things why you're flying solo. Try guitar lessons, sign up for a pottery class, join a Bible study.
2. There's more time for others when you're not sold out on one guy. Hang out with your family, visit people in nursing homes, shovel snow off your neighbors driveway.

3. You can eat an artichoke-and-onion pizza and not have to worry about impressing anyone with your breath :)
4. Concentration exists. Your mind is completely clued in to your homework, your weekend job, your chores and, most important, your relationship with God!
5. You can wear your favorite pair of heels as much as you want! Who cares if you're taller than all the guys in your class?
6. When you're not in Coupleville, it's easier to avoid stuff God would never be too thrilled with-like feelings of jealousy or lust.
7. You've got your WHOLE LIFE ahead of you. Why rush into things? Just 'cause every other girl you know has a boyfriend? Come on! Who really wants to be just like everybody else anyway?
8. No worrying about what to give him on his birthday, Christmas, or anniversaries.
9. No worrying about whether his buds like you.
10. No worrying about whether his parents like you.
11. Basically, just fewer worries.
12. If you ever held back in Foosball, Guitar Hero, Ping-Pong, or grades just to make a guy feel good, you don't have to anymore. Let your full potential soar!
13. God's timing is always perfect. It really, truly is.
14. Got a zit on your forehead? Who cares?
15. No special guy means no special breakups. You get to avoid the crazy roller coaster so many others have gotten a bit queasy on.
16. Everybody knows you as you, not so-and-so's other half.
17. When you're happy being single, you're able to set high standards for the kind of guy you'd like to go out with someday.

18. You room's a lot less cluttered. There just aren't as many things to save when a guy's not around.
19. The diet coke is all yours now.
20. Telling the truth is much easier. Without a guy you'll never hear yourself saying anything like, "Yeah, I live for monster trucks."
21. No more straining to read between the lines to figure out what he's really saying.
22. Hitting the mall with your girlfriends is tons better than with a boy. Cause they're more likely to understand why it takes you forever to decide between lilac and sky-blue nail polish.
23. You can rent chick-flicks as often as you want.
24. No need to explain why a brownie topped with chocolate ice cream, doused in chocolate chips and hot fudge served with a cup of hot chocolate is a great lunch.
25. Nothing's more attractive than a confident girl who truly loves Jesus and feels secure in who He's created her to be!


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atthecross (Rachel) said...

aww that's really sweet katie! thanks for sharing that!