Sunday, February 22, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday (YES I KNOW ITS SUNDAY!) Vol. 3

- 1 -

I was visiting my grandma this weekend, and I just got home. That's why I didn't get to do this yesterday. So, better late then never, right? Right?


I went to Icing at the mall today and bought two rings and a new pair of sunglasses. One of the rings is a turquoise color and looks like a bunch of little turquoise circles put together. The other looks like two rings, but isn't (cool, huh?) and says "Endless Love". EEP! IT'S MY NEW CHASTITY RING!! YAYY! No offense but it serves the cause better than the makeshift ring I made out of leftover yarn or the ring I bought at a Christian Bookstore's closing sale that said "Jesus Saves". Yay.

Oh, and the glasses are aviators with PINK RIMS!! So cool, right. 8-)

My iTunes is on shuffle, and Burning Up by the Jonas Brothers just came on.

Speaking of the Jonas Brothers, when my grandma saw I had put my new ring on my left ring finger, this was our convo. It's very interesting.

Grandma: Why are you wearing your new ring THERE?! People are going to think you're married.


Grandma: Wait, is that a ring like the Jones (no that's not a typo) Brothers wear?

Me: Same concept.


Me: Yeah. It is. *Leaves the room quickly*

And speaking of the Jo Bros again, I almost bought a shirt with them on it at Kohls today. Why? It was on sale for ten bucks! Then I put it on and laughed. I don't really have a small chest, so this was... very clingy. And tight. And uncomfortable.

Yesterday, Grandma, Auntie, my cousin Laurie (Reilly's mom), Sarah and I all went to NYC to see my cousin, Gina, who had just had an operation last weekend. Gina bought a big tub of cookie dough so Sarah and I could make cookies. Yum. The tub said to put them in at 375 for 9-11 minutes. So, I put them in at 375 for ten minutes. Five minutes later...

They were burnt. Ew. So, Mike, Gina's boyfriend, Sarah and I walked the block to get a tube of cookie dough. Yay.

I went to Old Navy with my Grandma today, and you probably don't know this, but I have a pretty unhealthy obsession with ON. I mean, most of their stuff is pretty modest and it's affordable.

And they have my size.

Seriously, it's pretty hard to find a store that I approve of that carries my size and is within my budget.

So, I got a new pair of bermuda shorts (Like with ON, I have an unhealthy obsession with Bermudas too. Come ON! They're trendy and MODEST!! YAY!), a really really cute white skirt that goes beneath my knees *gaspeth!*, an ADORABLE turquoise shirt, a 3/4 quarter sleeve pink henley and a pink cami to go underneath the henley, cuz it's a wittle too lowcut for my liking. :D

Well.... go do your own 5 Quick Takes Saturday! Sign up at Rose's Blog.


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atthecross (Rachel) said...

glad to know i'm not the only one who struggles to find reasonably modest clothing!