Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thank You!

Thank you to all who commented! I have so far raised $0.85! I know it doesn't seem like alot, but please keep commenting and tell your friends, family and fellow bloggers to, too! I'm saving every bit of change I can and my sister is giving hers to me too! :)

Anyway, I've been looking at charities to give my money to, and I've decided that I want YOU to tell me about your favorite charities! If you tell me (comment on this post) before Sunday, I'll make a poll and put it in there. :)

Some of the charities I'm looking at include St. Jude's Children Hospital, Priests for Life, The Sisters of Life, and Plan USA. But, please tell me about YOUR favorite organizations/charities so I can look at them. :)


Me said...

Hi Katie!!! Guess who?

The Real Katie said...

Is this Sarah? Cuz you scared me for a minute. I don't like stalkers *glare*