Sunday, March 1, 2009

You won't believe this.

So, from Wednesday to Today, Sarah and I spent time with our Grandma while my mom was in Florida.

Today, my dad came to pick us up. I asked him if he could carry my suitcase, because my backpack and purse were straining my back. He took it for me and we went outside. We loaded our stuff in the car, and daddy put my suitcase on top of the car.

We drove home and Sarah and I unloaded the car. I noticed something. My suitcase wasn't there. When I said this outloud, everyone froze. Dad forgot to take it off the top of the car. Sarah calls Grandma, who goes outside, but doesn't see it. Dad and I jump back into the car and drive back to my Grandma's house, looking for the suitcase on the way there. We ran into my aunt on the way there, who was out looking for my suitcase.

We couldn't find it.

Inside were my good sneakers, a perscription, my teddy bear Cuddles (I'm really VERY sad about losing Cuddles :(), two of my Twilight shirts (Team Renessmee and The One that said, "I Dream of Being With You Forever) and a bunch of books including Eclipse, a few books I had borrowed from my cousin (Sorry, Gina. I'll replace them. I'm pretty sure I only lost the Memory Keeper's Daughter, though.), and my brand spanking new books by Jason Evert, "If You Really Loved Me" and Theology of Her Body. I had barely even looked at If You REally Loved Me. But I lost ALOT of my good t-shirts and a brand new shirt from Old Navy. I'm trying to teach this as a lesson to myself, "Worldly things do not matter. You Still Have God." but I'm still sad. I'm trying to be like St. Therese and "offer up the small things".

But, since there was a perscription with my name on it, there is a slight chance that maybe my belongings will find their way back to me. Wouldn't that be nice? But, If I don't get it back, it's okay.

Cuz I've still got the things that really matter, like my family, friends, and GOD!!!


The Other Katie said...

no way! You're so patient.... I would be raging mad. Anyways, hope you get your stuff back and I'm glad you're getting a lesson out of it! not meaning that in a bad way...

think you could make me a prettyful signature like that? pweeze? 0:-D

The Real Katie said...

LOL, wouldn't that be great??? There's a website, and you can ATTACK it with cool colors, fonts, angles, etc. It's awesome. I'm pretty sure if you click on it, it'll bring you to the website.

I told you about my chastity ring on the phone right? Well, I went to return it the other day, and the woman was like, "Okay. I need your ID."

And I'm like, "Uh, I don't have an ID."

IT TOOK ME TEN MINUTES TO RETURN IT!!!! A RING! That cost me $3.25! I was like, "You are SO lucky I'm not throwing this thing at your HEAD!"

The Other Katie said...

sweetness! I'll try it!

arg! why would you need an ID? All you should have to do is show them the receipt! *huff*