Friday, April 3, 2009

I GOTS AN AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!

This epic, amazing award was awarded to me by my "almost sister" Katie! This is what she has to say about me:
My BFF since 1st grade and constant partner in crime, we've always known that we're twins separated at birth. I want to be her when I grow up. Here ya go, sistah!

THANK YOU!! I love you forever (and ever and ever!)

Here it goes....
EMMY! Emmy is a great friend, author, Catholic person, etc. I found her on Twitter and she's probably one of the funniest, wittiest, coolest people ever! :) Here ya go!
Rose! Rose's blog is the perfect blog! I love reading it and getting to "get inside her head!" I especially love it when she posts devotions and stuff! <3>
Grace! *attacks Grace* Well, Grace is... Grace. Meaning, she is awesome, crazy, fun, loco (I had a feeling you'd like that) dignified, quiet, obnoxious, and graceful. :) I love Grace and... SHE'D BETTER START BLOGGING AGAIN! *glare*
Delaney! One of the first blogs I started reading, Delaney's blog is kinda like.. well, don't really know how to explain it, but it has everything in it. Catholic stuff, acting stuff, books, music...... and.... SHAKESPEARE! *faints* Oh yes.
And to my special people... Serendipity and Katie. :) You both already got awards, so there. Heh.


Delaney said...

Don't you love getting to know people through the blogiverse? :P Thank you, Katie! My blog has been sadly neglected this past month. :( I'll try to write something this week...

Rose said...

Thank you so much luv! =)