Saturday, April 4, 2009

The things that break a heart.

A few months ago, Karen over at Nine Texans, sent me a group invite on Facebook. The name of the group was something along the lines of "Prayer Group for Mayah and Faith"

Mayah is a 23 single mom who's beautiful baby daughter, Faith, was born with a rare condition in which she was born without a brain.

They didn't expect Faith to make it full term, but she did. She's now over six weeks old and still breathing. This is truly a miracle. The doctors cannot explain it.

Today I was looking at some other blogs of other families who's children had this condition. Sadly, most weren't as lucky as Faith and Mayah and didn't live very long.

Please keep Faith and Mayah in your prayers, and all families who are expecting special children. May God comfort them. Amen.

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The Other Katie said...

The oldest that any baby with that condition has lived is about a year. :(
Faith is so amazing. I've read a little bit of Mayah's blog. She says that doctors still have no clue as to how little Faith is even functioning. She said once,
"It's the kind of miracle that tends to make atheists scratch their heads."
Or something along those lines.