Monday, June 1, 2009

A few Macbeth pictures :)

Getting ready to attack!

The boys. Banquo, Trevor (Flute in Dream and Paris in R&J), Duncan, Jeff (Romeo), Macduff, Mike (Philostrate in Dream and Balthazar in R&J)

Angela, stage crew, doing Sarah, 2nd witch's makeup. Stephanie (Donalbain) is holding her hair :)

The Mr & Mrs. Macbeth Cast A. Tess and Tyler

The crazy ladies Macbeth, Tess & Erica.

From L to R, Tess, Jess, Jeff, Me, and Sarah.

Me with Emily, Lady Macduff.

Would't ya love to know what Tyler is laughing hysterically about.

Megan, Emily and I. And my subway sandwhich yum.

Megan and Sarah being witch like :)

Little Anna, Hecate. She's actually very cute.

The glamorous witches, Megan and Sarah.

L to R, Emily, Ben, Annie, me, Stephanie, Sarah, Ashley, and Mariana

I don't want to know.


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