Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let's talk Macbeth.

Today was the last performance of Macbeth *SOB*. It was most definately the best production I have ever been in. Both Lady Macbeths (Lady Macbeth, Lady Macduff, and Macbeth were all double casted) were newbies and they were AMAZING! The witches stole the show. Of course. ;) Ben (Tybalt in R&J) and Tyler (Mercutio in R&J and Bottom in Dream) were AMAZING Macbeths. Erica and Tess were awesome Lady Macbeth's and I can't wait to see what they do next year. Jess (Juliet in R&J) was a murderer this time around. A very small part, but she played it SOOO well! Everyone with smaller parts totally hammed it up and acted it well. Especially Hecate, played by Anna (Gregory in R&J and Puck in Dream). SHE WAS AWESOME! I'm so proud of her! And Annie (Mustardseed in Dream and Peter in R&J) played Macduff's son who is brutally murdered (by her older brother, may I add.). WOWWOWOWOOWOW! She was GREAT!

The witches were played by me, Megan (Lady Capulet in R&J and Titania in Dream) and Sarah (Montague in R&J and Lysander in Dream). We rocked. we got the coolest makeup. Fo' sho.

Pictures will be up later! :)

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The Other Katie said...

Yayy! I'm so proud of you all! I can totally see Anna as Hecate, bossing the three of you around....

I just noticed a peculiar reverse in events. Last year Jeff "killed" Ben....this year Ben "killed" Jeff.